The 13 Days of Greatness Challenge


Stay tuned for the next installment of Conjure Publishing’s 13 Days of Greatness Challenge. It’s great fun. If you’re curious or want to be notified when the next challenge starts, leave a comment or fill out the contact form below.

In life, I feel like it’s truly the little things that matter. It’s why I created the 13 Days of Greatness, a 13-day challenge that celebrates the little things in life. During the challenge you’ll find yourself reaching out to friends, creating, and simply doing little things in your life that might make a difference. And at the end, I hope some of those little moments stick with you for the long term.

If you want to join in, just add your name and email below. Stay tuned for the next round. When it starts, I’ll send you a new challenge item every day for 13 days. And, if you want to do the 13 Days of Greatness Challenge with a friend, even better. Encourage them to sign up! If you’ve already completed the challenge and want to give it a fresh go, that’s welcome too, as there will be new challenge items.

I hope you join in the fun.

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