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Bath Ritual Ideas for a Magical Experience in the Tub

If you’ve ever had a sports injury or just needed to relax after a long week, then you know that a warm bath can be one of the most soothing ways to ease those sore muscles and release stress. But focusing on the details when taking a bath can also make all the difference, and taking a few extra moments to create a nice environment for yourself before hopping into the tub can feel like you’re taking a spa day at home. Set the mood and indulge yourself!

Bath Ritual Ideas for a Magical Experience in the Tub


I like to bathe in the late afternoon/early evening when the natural lighting in my bathroom is calming yet still a little light. Pick what works for you, whether that’s a darker ambiance or filled with bright light. If you find it relaxing, it will set the tone.

Scented Candles or Room Sprays

Whether it’s scented or not, I love the look of candlelight. To me, there’s nothing more relaxing than a candle. I like the scented variety personally, but even if you don’t, a flame can be very healing to see while you’re relaxing. Scent can also make a huge difference in setting the mood for a great bath. One alternative if you’re not into candles is a room spray – there are many available in healing/grounding scents like eucalyptus or lavender – or go a step further and  make your own.


I type “spa” or “chill” into Apple music and a plethora of music options pop up. I highly suggest listening to tunes while lounging in the tub. If heavy metal relaxes you, then play that. There’s no wrong answer here – play around with music depending on your mood.

Book or other reading material/blogs/podcast

Sometimes I enjoy reading a book in the tub and sometimes I like to just lie there. But having some form of relaxing entertainment can be nice, unless you want to use the time to meditate or sort through your thoughts. Pick your poison, it can only enhance the experience.


Get some cold bubbly to sip while you’re lounging! No, not champagne, although you could do that too. I’m talking about seltzer – pick your favorite flavor – it’s so refreshing and tastes great. I like to add a tiny bit of bitters to mine for a botanical flair, but you do you. If you want to try the bitters route, I suggest any of the blends from Woodspell Apothecary. Their shop is closed until May, but it’s worth it, I promise. If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get notified when it reopens with freshly made botanical bitters ready for your seltzer needs.

Bath bombs and bubbles

I combine these two iconic bath ingredients and make one stellar bubblicious, soothing experience. I use the $4 bath bombs from Soap Confections (remember them from the holiday gift guide?) and the bubble bath infused with Epsom salt from Dr. Teal’s, which you can get at your local drugstore.

Warm your towel

Want to level up your bath game? Throw your towel in the dryer for a few minutes right before you get in, and it will be nice and cozy when you get out. It’s the little things, folks.

Face mask/eye pads

You know those sheet face masks I’ve talked about before? They’re oh-so-perfect for a sit in the tub. Grab your favorite and place it on your face after you get in, then enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while doing a skin treatment. Efficiency at its finest. Or plop the serum-infused eye pads on for an instant eye treatment. My favorite eye pads are from ToGoSpa in the Rose Gold variation.

Face rollers

I personally don’t think these do much, but they do feel nice. I have one and use it here and there, and I do think it’s a nice extra if you happen to have one. I like to roll it around my face and it makes me feel fancy.


Greenery like eucalyptus, flowers, or lavender can really enhance your bathroom space. Just place it around the tub and the room where you feel it would add a pop of color or enhance the scents in the room. You can also place crystals or other items that make you feel good around the tub to complete your vibe.

Now that you’ve had the best bath of your life, top it all off with a luxe body cream afterward. Then slip into warm slippers and a cozy bathrobe. Wasn’t that the most magical bath experience?

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