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21 Ways to Slay Your Goal List

Looking for inspiration to slay those goals of yours? Look no further. Here are 21 ways to stick to and slay your goal list.

  1. Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t get hung up on something not being perfect. Just put it out there anyway. Nothing is ever perfect, and things don’t have to be perfect to be good. So, this year isn’t what you were planning or expected? How can you salvage it or create something new and beautiful in your life? Maybe this is a time to start down a new career path or find new ways of engaging your creative talent. Don’t give up or fall into the perfectionism trap. Let the world see you shine as-is with whatever situation you can create where you are.
  2. Create a vision board. Your vision board can be as fancy or simple as you want. You can create it on Pinterest, or make an old-school vision board using poster board and cut-out pictures from magazine articles. Personal note: I created a vision board with friends last year and about three-quarters of the items have come true. If nothing else, having a vision board will help you laser focus on what you really want.
  3. Read inspiring books. Words have power, and when you read books that speak to you, there’s no limit to what you can do. Let books inspire you. Want to change your diet for the better? Read a book about it. Want to be a better communicator? Read a book. You’ll learn so much just by picking up a book – almost any book – and reading.
  4. Surround yourself with like-minded people who can help you crush your goals. Want to get in shape? Surround yourself with people who are into health and fitness. Want to make a hit record? Find others who match your musical vibe. Find your tribe, then get to it. You’ll learn more than you ever hoped. Whether it’s an online group or in person, having others around you in similar situations can understand what you’re going through and can be your support system.
  5. Meditate. It doesn’t have to be for an hour. Set aside a few minutes every day or every other day and focus on your goal, picturing it in your mind’s eye. Be consistent. When I meditate regularly, it helps me SLAY my goal list. Those days when you feel overwhelmed? Stop and sit for a few minutes and quiet your mind. It’s life-changing once it becomes a habit. Plus, it helps manage stress.
  6. Get regular exercise. You’ll feel better and let’s be honest, not worrying about this area of your life will free up a lot of head space for that creativity to flow. Exercise should be on your daily to-do list. Again, a little can go a long way here and you’ll build up your appetite over time as you progress. Here are some ideas. And, if you ever want to get into running, you know I’ve got a plan for that.
  7. Start holding yourself accountable for the things that happen in your life. Basically, stop blaming others. I know, not everything that happens is a direct result of something you did. But do keep in mind that often you can change your circumstances by the choices you make and how you react to situations. Once you take control of this, your goals don’t stand a chance. Also, you’ll be a happier person.
  8. Take one step toward your passion. Just one tiny step. And then another and another, until that dream comes true. But it all starts with the first step. What’s one thing you can do this week that will start your journey?
  9. Get out of your comfort zone. Try to do something that scares you a little. It will feel inspiring once you do it, and you’ll realize the scary things in life really aren’t that scary. Then do something scary again. In fact, this should be a standalone item on your goal list EVERY year.
  10. Try something new that’s totally out of your norm. Whether it’s just a new restaurant that you dine at alone or something huge like traveling to a different country, try something new and shake up your world. You’ll feel liberated and that goal list will start melting away.
  11. Tell someone about your goal. This can make it more real and propel you forward. Also, you never know who can offer help. Years ago, I wanted to make a career change. I finally started speaking up about it to people in my professional circle, and it took me from just wishing I could to actually making the leap.
  12. Go for a walk or a run. Steve Jobs famously held walking meetings. Walking gets the juices flowing and walking outside can help you sort things out in your head in a way that seems almost magical.
  13. Spread a little love. Doing good deeds and treating others how you want to be treated can be a huge motivating factor if you’re working toward a goal. Tell the ones you love that you love them, then keep them in mind to keep you motivated.
  14. Journal about your thoughts. Track your progress. You’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come and it’ll motivate you to keep going. Sometimes we lose sight of where we began on our journey and a little perspective is all that’s needed to see how much we’ve accomplished already.
  15. Watch the best do what they do. Watching greatness can inspire us to greatness. What’s on your goal list? Is there someone famous or someone who excels at that goal? Read their book, watch them perform, follow them on social media. Watching greatness can inspire us to greatness.
  16. It’s okay to take items off your goal list. We all change and grow. If something you thought was huge in your life needs to come off, or you feel you’ve given it all the effort you can, take it off your goal list. Sometimes that’s okay, and sometimes that will free you up for something even more beautiful.
  17. Take a break. Creative people often break up their processes with breaks. So, take a break to get motivated if you’re feeling stuck.
  18. Be grateful. Be thankful for how far you’ve come, and be grateful to those who helped get you there. Then use that as motivation to keep slaying.
  19. Show yourself some grace. Not every day is going to be a banner day. Show yourself some grace when you have a rough go of it, and try again tomorrow.
  20. Be methodical. If a personality trait of mine was branded on my forehead, it might be methodical. It helps me mentally organize and not miss a detail, a quality that’s important when tackling goals. So be methodical.
  21. Find joy in your goals and accomplishments. If you’re not doing it because you love it, then what’s the point? Find joy in what you’re doing and feel joy when you accomplish a goal, no matter how big or small.

I love a good goal list and make them often. Conjure was on one for a while, and piece by piece I created it from scratch. It took me a long time to launch Conjure. But I did it, and it brings me endless joy. It’s not perfect, it never will be, nor is that the point. It will change and grow with me and it will get better as my skills grow. But it’s mine. I had to learn how to create this site from scratch and figure out all the little details to make it work. But it’s out there, and that feels great. Please don’t stop just because something isn’t perfect. That can be a crippling feeling, I know, and it’s just rubbish.

Here’s to you and slaying those goals!

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