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Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. When I was a kid we had an Earth Day festival at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, and it was one of my favorite events all year. I really looked forward to it, and each year all attendees received a free little tree to take home and plant. It solidified for me the importance of taking care of Mother Earth and how little actions we take can add up to make a big difference.

Last year around this time I told you about how when I was in elementary school, I founded a club called “The Pollution Solution.” I had an official notebook, of course, and ideas for how to contribute to the environment inside of taking away from it. In honor of the little girl who founded The Pollution Solution, here are my ideas for celebrating Earth Day, every day:

Get Outdoors

It seems so simple, and yet, so many don’t get outside enough. This week I challenge you to spend time outside – have dinner on your porch, take a walk, embrace a park near your home. Being outdoors naturally places us in a mindset to take care of Mother Earth. The more time you spend enjoying her splendors, the more inclined we are to help preserve them for future generations.

Consume Less

Have you read my stories on minimalism? Taking care of the Earth and minimalism go hand-in-hand to me. When we consume less, we’re having less of a drain on the world – less fuel to deliver our items, less packaging, less products that we’re throwing away or replacing with new ones, thus repeating the cycle. If you can do one thing this year, try to just consume a little less. It makes a huge difference.

Use cloth napkins

I started using cloth napkins at home last year and I love them. I’m not sure why I ever bought paper in the first place. The ones I have are incredibly soft, and were a great investment. Also, they’ve cut down tremendously on the amount of paper I’ve thrown away after one tiny use.

Use all your food

This tip kind of piggybacks on the consume less one. How often do you buy groceries or cook, then throw away leftovers or parts of the produce that you haven’t used? You can reduce your consumption levels by making a promise to yourself to use more of what you actually have, instead of just buying more. Eat those leftovers, or recreate them into a new meal. I’ve made this a personal mission this past year, because it’s so important.

Use your recycling bins

I mean really use them. Most houses and apartments furnish recycling bins for residents, or you can request them from your local recycler. Using those bins is as easy as setting aside a bin or bag for recyclables, then dumping them in their respective bin outside when that’s full. It takes a minimal amount of work, but it can help. Every little bit does.

Plant a garden

The cool thing about gardens is they can take on any form you want, in any space you have. You can plant herbs, peppers, tomatoes, really anything depending on your space. But planting greenery has so many benefits, from reducing the need to run out to the store if you’re growing your own food, to simply beautifying your space and adding oxygen to your living area.

Stop with the single-use plastic water bottles already

It boggles my mind that people still buy individual plastic water bottles. It’s SO easy to get a water filter to filter your own water at home. Or, buy a few one- or three-gallon water bottles and reuse them by filling them up at the water stations offered in most towns around the U.S. Get a refillable water bottle for those on-the-go water needs, and you’ll be on your way to making a difference. See how easy that was?

What other ideas do you have that can make a difference? There are so many, and I’d love to hear yours!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day”

  1. All excellent ideas Laura, thanks! But I’ll comment on everybody has to much stuff……I believe the public storage units wouldn’t be nearly as popular, if people simply didn’t have so much STUFF!!! It really is quite ridiculous, my motto is, if I haven’t used it in a year, it’s outta here😊

    1. I love that motto. 🙂 I feel I’m constantly getting rid of things, yet it seems I still have so much. I hope you are doing well!

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