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Welcome to Conjure! Here you will find thoughts, advice, and ramblings from Laura, Conjure’s founder. When she’s not thinking about which article to write next, Laura enjoys experiencing life with her husband, friends and family. Often, those activities revolve around cooking and eating, or trying out sweets at bakeries far and wide. She loves meditating, running and walking, dancing, and knitting, in addition to traveling.

Conjure was originally conceptualized as a glossy magazine in the late 1990s. And although the content and format have evolved with technology and time, at its core, Conjure is still the same project Laura originally envisioned – a place for like-minded people to read, share ideas, and let it all hang out. We hope you find something here that helps, entertains or educates you.

Thanks for reading.

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“You see, I have never felt the need to invent a world beyond this world, for this world has always seemed large and beautiful enough for me. I have wondered why it is not large and beautiful enough for others – why they must dream up new and marvelous spheres, or long to live elsewhere beyond this dominion … but that is not my business. We are all different, I suppose. All I ever wanted to know was this world.” – Elizabeth Gilbert in The Signature of All Things