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Let That Shit Go

The title of this article is one of my favorite sayings. It’s so applicable to everything in life, and I find I’m so much happier when I use it regularly. I have a red tank top with the saying on it, and whenever I wear the shirt, I receive a ton of compliments and comments, probably more so than any other article of clothing I have. The little red tank top and that simple sentence just resonates with people.

It’s kind of crazy when I think about it. But letting go is so, so important. Maybe it’s not all that crazy that people flock to the red tank top.

Is there something you can let go of altogether from your life? Maybe it’s not something you considered letting go of, but once you did, it would give you a sense of freedom. That could bring joy, relief, or a sense of peace.

Within the past few months, I let go of a goal that was hugely important to me for the last few years of my life, maybe longer. It was hard to let go of and I grieved it pretty hard. But now, I feel a sense of freedom that it’s no longer hanging over my head every day. I’m no longer controlled by this goal, whether consciously or unconsciously. If it ever happens, awesome. If it doesn’t, that’s okay too. It just is what it is. I really let that shit go.

If this goal happens to come to fruition down the road organically, that would be an amazing, magical gift from the universe, and I welcome that wholeheartedly. But for now, I cannot continue to actively seek this out for myself and be happy. And that realization in and of itself brings me so much joy.

I’m telling you this vague (sorry) story to say that the things we may need to let go of may not be immediately apparent. But if you sit and reflect, sometimes they become oh so obvious.

Here’s to conjuring more joy and pleasure in our lives. And letting that shit go.

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1 thought on “Let That Shit Go”

  1. Laura. Google the words to the song “Get Over It” by the Eagles. It’s my personal favorite song……but it has similar sentiments to your red shirt!
    Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face with your articles😁

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