Three Horoscope Sites I Love

Do you read your daily horoscope? I have since I was a kid, a practice that my mom ingrained in me.

When I was little, my mom used to take me grocery shopping with her and she’d buy both of our horoscope scrolls once a month. There were housed in the grocery store checkout line, along with the mints, gum and candy. They were these little scrolls, printed on a different color paper for each month – green, orange, yellow, pink – and secured by a plastic cylinder outside. They cost maybe a dollar each and provided a month’s worth of entertainment. The scrolls usually featured the daily and monthly horoscopes for your zodiac sign, and I loved everything about them.

As an adult, we have easier access to daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes with the internet and social media, but I’ve found that there are almost too many sites out there offering astrological insight. So, with that in mind, I’ve whittled down my horoscope consumption to three sites I like that all offer me a little something different in the way they’re written and the way I consume them. Whether you believe in horoscopes wholeheartedly or take them with a grain of salt, my feeling is why not add a little mysticism to your day? The world is mundane enough.

Without further ado, here are the three horoscope sites I like to use:

Café Astrology – This site not only features daily horoscopes, but monthly and yearly horoscopes, free birth charts, is loaded with articles and even has birthday forecasts if you check the site on your birthday. The birthday horoscopes offer insight for the upcoming year and a personality profile. The birth charts include information such as rising sign, planet signs and houses, and the site has free numerology reports, depending on how deep you feel like going into your personal astrology. There’s also love sign compatibility and this week in astrology.

What I really like about Café Astrology though are the daily horoscopes, which offer a brief synopsis of current planetary happenings and how this will affect your particular sign today. I enjoy how these horoscopes are written, and they seem a bit more complete to me than other sites I’ve looked at over the years. The daily horoscope also gives you a gauge of how your day will be for creativity, love and business on a fair, good or excellent scale. Below the daily horoscope there’s also a horoscope for all and monthly, so be sure to keep scrolling. You’ll be glad you did.

Astrology.com – This site reminds me of the horoscope scrolls I used to get as a kid. It’s a straightforward, this-is-what’s-happening daily horoscope. I like that, because it’s a quick tidbit of advice for the day. There are also variations of the daily horoscope available on this site, including flirt, which is a super-short horoscope; finance; singles and couples love; work; and business. This site also offers a free birth chart and articles, but I’m just here for the daily horoscopes. I seriously think this is the closest we have to the old-school scrolls, and I’m here for it.

The Hoodwitch – I came upon this site thanks to Instagram, and I really like the weekly horoscopes offered. They’re posted every Wednesday and cover general planetary information for everyone with sign-specific direction just below. The horoscopes are accessible by clicking “blog” on the homepage. Incidentally, the blog also contains good articles on manifesting with the moon and other planetary, witchy topics. If you follow Bri, the Hood Witch in question, on Instagram @thehoodwitch she also posts when the horoscopes are up, in case you don’t remember on your own accord.

I truly do love looking up my horoscope most days. I hope you try at least one of these recommendations and don’t be afraid to look to the stars for guidance! It’s fun, and don’t we all need more fun in our lives?


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