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Five Free Things to Do in March

As the official gateway to spring, March holds a special place in my heart. I’ve always loved this month. A certain excitement fills my bones, and I always feel a little more alive each March after the cold of January and February. Because of this, I’ve always felt it’s the perfect time to live a little, kick up your heels and try something new. So, in honor of that, here are ideas for free things to do in March, no matter where you may reside.

Take a YouTube yoga class.

More specifically, try a class by Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She’s great. Based in Austin, Texas, Adriene approaches yoga in a way that makes it feel accessible and interesting to all skill levels. First timer? She’s got you. Frequent yoga flier? No problem. The other thing I like about her, and I’ve been doing her classes for years in the comfort of my home, is that she has a huge catalog on YouTube. No matter how you’re feeling, you’re sure to find a yoga session of Yoga With Adriene that will fit the bill. Also, it’s free, so you have no excuse not to try her out.

Run outside (or walk) by yourself.

You knew I was going to say this, but it is a great, free thing to do. Put on some running shoes, grab a water bottle, and get outside. Jog around your neighborhood, go to a park, whatever floats your fancy. Just enjoy the warmer weather and get some steps in outside while you can. If you want to increase your pace, mileage or just get going, there are plenty of training plans online if you want/need a little extra help. For those wanting to get their running mojo back, I suggest None to Run. For distance training, I like Jeff Galloway’s programs. Either way, by going outside you give yourself a chance to just think and enjoy the sound of your feet pounding the pavement.

Take a nature walk or hike with friends.

Wherever you live, most cities have a cool, free area to take a nature stroll. My friends and I are planning a trek to the Clark County Wetlands Park this month. It’s a free, outdoor area with a winding pathway, multiple trails, and even a gift shop if you want a souvenir of your time outside. In the Phoenix area, there’s the San Tan Mountain Regional Park, and if you’re in Hollywood, take a hike to the Hollywood sign. Wherever you are, a free hike may be just the thing you need to shake off the winter blues.

Learn something new online.

What do you want to know more about? Playing piano? How to install a new taillight on your car? Whatever it is, I bet you can find out how to do it online. Actually, all of this website was built with the power of Google. If you’re looking for something more formal, Duolingo is a great, free app for language learning and Academic Earth offers free college courses from universities around the world. The world is your oyster, you just have to use your imagination.

Rent a book or movie from the library.

I love the public library. Always have, always will. Occasionally I want to own a book for whatever reason. But mostly, I use the library for my reading needs. And, my friends, libraries have kept up with the times. You can rent audio or digital books too, and also magazines, movies or newspapers. Many library districts offer free classes, workshops and other community-focused events, and even feature art galleries, book signings and musical performances.

Here’s to March, and maybe spending less while picking up a new hobby or a new skill. I hope you enjoy these ideas, if you have any easy-peasy free things to do in March, I’d love to hear about them.


4 thoughts on “Five Free Things to Do in March”

  1. Uncle Pete & I have a bicycle built for 2 so you can bet we well be trying to take out for more spins around. . Just one more thing we do together.

    1. Oh you guys are too cute. I have a bike I need to ride more. That’s a good idea!

  2. You can also download Overdrive or Libby and sync it up to the local libraries to rent digital books and audiobooks for free to your mobile device!

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