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Want to Start a Girl Gang?

Almost exactly 17 months ago, I had brunch with my good friend Amy where we talked about our desire to surround ourselves with strong, like-minded women who would want to exchange information about careers, business, personal struggles, whatever was going on in our worlds. Like a friend group, but with a little more purpose and structure, designed to support and lift each other up, or in some cases, a safe place to vent after a hard week out there in the real world. We laughed as we chatted about our plans to start a girl gang, how we’d design t-shirts and get the best of our professional and personal networks together and support each other. Much like other groups out there, but this would be ours, with our people and our laid-back style.

Then, the next day, I was laid-off from work and my world order changed. Needless to say, the girl gang never materialized, but the idea remains. Anyone out there want to start a girl gang? Only bad asses need apply.

The idea is to support each other, professionally and personally, with an in-person gathering maybe once a month. The main purpose would be to support and lend a shoulder and give advice, not to gain new business leads. We’d talk about work situations getting us down, actively support and lift each other up, and just generally be there for each other. We could rule the world, our girl gang.

Work is crazy? Your girl gang has got you. Life is crazy? Lean on your girl gang.

There would have to be a few rules to start: Basically, no mean girls, and check that ego at the door. But otherwise, it would be a pretty loose group. I’m envisioning a cocktail or mocktail after work while everyone exchanges information about their lives and what’s going on for them. Think you’re too busy? You’re perfect for this. Let’s do a walking meeting. Get those steps in while we’re supporting. The idea, really, is to get in the female support we all need from others just like us in the professional world. Connect with others who may be facing the same issues as you, or who may have advice or insight that could help your current situation. But for a group of total bad asses.

What do you think? Anyone want to form a girl gang? Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

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