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You Should Make This: Paper Fortune Tellers

This week’s edition of You Should Make This is a craft you can make to keep yourself or the kids occupied, or you can even make them to use as favors for your next party or wedding when this current quarantine goes away and we’re all cleared to interact again.

In the meantime, these paper fortune tellers are an old-school way to keep yourself occupied and you can make them as simple or as intricately designed as you like. I have a few of these at our house because they’re fun to make and super easy. I even used them as my wedding favors because they were inexpensive to create but could be used as ice breakers or to occupy guests while they’re waiting for the ceremony or reception to start.

The only limit is your imagination.

Here’s how to make a paper fortune teller:

  1. Start with a piece of square paper. For our wedding favors, I purchased nice paper and cut an end off to make the paper square.
  2. Grab a corner and fold into the center, making sure to make a nice, even crease. Repeat for the other three corners, until you have a smaller square.
  3. Turn the smaller square over and fold each corner into the center again. Fold in half on the crease to really make those creases sharp and then stick your fingers into the spaces created by the square and work the fortune teller a bit to make sure it’s functional before designing.
  4. Lay your square flat and create your designs. For our wedding, I created them themed around the bride and groom! I used our names, places we’d gone while dating, our birthdates, and favorite hobbies. You can go crazy here for a wedding and if you’re inclined, get really detailed and artistic. Or, keep it simple. Mine were pretty simple, but I loved them.
  5. Get creative. We got married during the final season of Game of Thrones and I know some of our wedding guests were big fans too. So, for them, I included little Easter eggs for the fortunes, such as “Winter is Coming.” Or for other fortunes I wrote things like “you’ll dance with a woman in white today” to keep it fun.

I hope you like these simple paper fortune tellers, and I’m betting many of you have made them before. If you do make them during this quarantine or use them for a favor at a shindig in the future, I want to see your creations!

Here’s to staying safe and healthy during this time.


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