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Love the Tiger King Docu-Series Too? Here’s a News Roundup for You

If you’re anything like me, and it seems like most of the nation is in this regard, you’ve fallen under the spell of the Tiger King Netflix series and are hungry for more crazy. Well, my friend, you’re in luck. There’s been no shortage of news stories about the self-proclaimed Tiger King, his former empire or his cronies. But where to start?

No worries, I’ve collected a large handful of sources here for you if you’re itching for more information but haven’t traveled down this particular rabbit hole yet during your quarantine. If you have gone down this particular rabbit hole, share your stories with me in the comments or on social media! I can’t get enough. Seriously, I’m going to re-watch the whole damn thing as soon as all our moving boxes are unpacked. It’s my motivation.

Until that magic moment, I will be watching the new episode debuting April 12 on Netflix, “The Tiger Kind and I.” And I cannot wait. More info on the newest episode can be found here.

The New York Times had a cool article that recommends books for those who love The Tiger King, and you can get that reading list here. I will be checking these out from my local library soon. Or maybe I’ll buy from my favorite independent booksellers to support a small business. If the stories in these books are anything like Joe Exotic’s, I’m in.

Need more actual Tiger King viewing to make yourself feel better about the crazy in your own life? The Daily Beast published a seven-minute sizzle reel obtained from Rick Kirkham, and it’s wild. Get cozy and take a mini break with this video.

One major question I had after watching the series, was where are all these people now, and what’s going on with the animals and the properties? This article from Pop Sugar touches on the G.W. Zoo still being open, and this one talks about the ID Network creating a documentary about what happened to Carol Baskin’s first husband.

David Spade also has been doing the Goddess’ work and interviewing the people we’ve seen on The Tiger King and each interview can be seen on You Tube in sort of a “Where are they now” style. Below is a “best of” video with highlights from all those chats, but there are full videos of each one on his channel here.

Finally, Joe Exotic’s music videos are still up on You Tube, so you’re looking for something more to do doing quarantine, here you go. In addition, here’s a story from Esquire detailing the videos with some explanation and background, but if you want to just dive in, have at it. Here’s one to get you started, the infamous “Here Kitty Kitty” song from the series.

If you’re interested in Carol Baskin’s response to the Netflix show, she’s posted one on her Big Cat Rescue site:

And last, but perhaps most importantly, PETA posted an article this week that 39 of the tigers that previously resided at the G.W. Zoo were rescued. It’s important to note, I’m not supporting what any of these people did or didn’t do in their lives by posting this story. I’m just as amazed that these people exist in the world as you are, and fascinated by their stories.

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