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I’m Listening

And so many others are too. I see them, I hear them. You have our attention.

In the past few days, I’ve heard many women like myself say they don’t know what to say. It’s a common theme popping up in my Instagram feed and emails. I get it. I said the same thing to my husband this week. But he set me straight.

This is what he told me. He reminded me who I am and that I’m feisty. I have opinions and if that bothers people, fuck ‘em. Okay, that last part was more my dad speaking to me, but it’s the same gist. My husband told me I do have something to say and I should say it. So here it is. I’m listening. I’m helping. This is my start. And I’m sorry as hell I didn’t do it sooner.

I think when the women around me are saying they don’t know what to say it actually means this: We want to help. We want to stand up and do right. We don’t know how. We don’t want to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. But we’re here. We’re listening.

Race relations in America are uncomfortable. We each have our own world view and experiences that shape us. Only when we exchange information and educate each other can we change and make change. It’s time to get past being scared or not knowing what to do. It’s time to get uncomfortable, people, and share information. Having different opinions is okay. Perpetuating systemic racism because you’re ignorant or unwilling to change is not.

I’ve seen social media posts this past week about “if you’re outraged at the looting but not the killing of George Lloyd then you’re part of the problem.” There’s a lot of truth to that. And I bet a ton of people in America would never have considered that perspective if that post hadn’t been created. So, create more. Write more. Share more. Let’s do more. Do your part.

Don’t share ignorant shit that perpetuates racism.

You have our attention.

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