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Five Things to Do This Week

Ugh. It’s so hot here in Las Vegas this week it’s stifling. No more outdoor walks for me unless I get up super early. Even at night it’s still in the 100s, so I try to stay indoors from now until the degrees drop to a more bearable level. Since it’s so hot, I’m drinking water like crazy but feel that it’s never enough. And when I’m not drinking water, I’m thinking of things I’d like to do. I’ve run around my house to get in steps. I’ve looked up Atlas Obscura’s web series “50 States of Wonder” and traveled virtually to a few states thus far. And then I thought of this list for you.

Without further ado, five things to do this week that won’t disappoint:

Try a free, five-day virtual Pilates challenge. The Pilates Firm in Las Vegas is offering five, 15-minute online classes free starting Monday, July 20 via their Facebook page The free classes will share and review the fundamentals of the Classical Pilates Mat.  I’m going to do it, so join me! Here’s a fun fact: The studio director, Juliet, used to be one of my dance instructors once upon a time. Now, whenever I hear this one Beyonce song, I always think of her. Separately, she moved in to the house behind my dad in 2015 in a completely random coincidence.

Juliet Clingan, studio director at The Pilates Firm

 If you’re in the Vegas area, order food from Chef Jainine. She offers a weekly meal prep menu that typically consists of five tasty options. She also offers vegan options for every meal, and posts the weekly menus on her Instagram, @culinaryqueenj9. This week her menu is:

  • Kala chana masala with poha
  • Mushroom asada, grilled vegetables and barley rice
  • Moroccan couscous and spiced chickpea bowl, by itself or with tofu
  • Tandoori chicken and egg biryani
  • Grilled chicken with cauliflower rice and mango habanero relish

Each week she requests orders by Sunday at noon Pacific time for Monday pickup or delivery. She accepts Venmo, PayPal or Zelle for the $15 meals. To order, call or text 310-612-2945.

Check out GiGis Boutique for all your face mask needs. My friend’s daughters founded an online boutique exclusively for face masks, and the goods are cute! Named after the entrepreneurs, Giselle and Gianna, as an ode to Gigi Bryant, GiGis Boutique sells handmade face masks for kids and adults in a plethora of designs. They sell Vegas Golden Knights masks, many other sports teams, Aloha style, and many other patterns. Their tagline is “Just two sisters with Mamba Mentality helping keep folks safe, yet fun, fly & fashionable.” I think they’re succeeding.

We bought Chris a VGK mask and it’s really nice! If you’re interested in their face masks, visit their Instagram @gigisboutiquelv for the latest updates on available fabrics and how to order. Or just visit their Etsy page here:

Sign up for Conjure’s 13-day challenge! With Conjure’s six-month birthday right around the corner, I thought it’d be fun to do a summer challenge with you all. It’ll be easy, tailored to the times, and something that can help entertain all of us as we’re still on semi-lockdown. If you’re interested, email me at to let me know and I’ll get you signed up. Or, comment below. If there’s a specific challenge item you want included or want to do, let me know. Perhaps I can wedge it in.

Finally, pick one thing you’ve been putting off and just do it. It can be big or small, just do it. Extra points if you do it while blasting your favorite music, like I am while writing this. 🙂

I hope you have the best week, and I want to hear what you all have been up to!

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  1. Laura you can also go to the deaf/hhh foundation & for a $5.00 donation ea you can get mask for the deaf /hearing impaired. They have the clear vinyl to see a persons lips as they speak.

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