Joining the Club

Have you subscribed to Conjure?

May I entice you to do so if you haven’t? Here’s my spiel why you should:

  • Each time I send out an email I try to include little tidbits and stories that aren’t included elsewhere – sometimes it’s a backstory to one of the articles or my thoughts on a current situation, and I’m planning to add a few more subscriber-only tidbits in future emails.
  • Subscribers have the easiest access to new stories and updates. Emails include a roundup of the newest stories and even some past articles, so you’re always the first to know when they post.
  • Future surprises are coming just for subscribers!
  • I send the emails out once a week, sometimes (lately) less, but ideally, you’ll receive something from me in your inbox once a week.
  • And if you do subscribe, please add Conjure to your contacts so we don’t hit your spam folder.

That’s it. That’s my whole pitch for joining the club. But I’d love it if you did join us.

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