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Ideas to Really Celebrate the Halloween Season

I don’t know what it is about October, but my brain shifts into the darkness the last week of September and doesn’t come out until spring. I loooooove watching scary movies, but I rarely want to watch them from March to August when it’s bright and sunny outside. The moment that shift comes, though, when days get shorter and nights get longer, I want to surround myself in all things that go bump in the night.

Here are a handful of ways to celebrate Halloween season well into November, starting with setting the stage to get you in a creepy frame of mind.

TV shows and movies that will get you in the mood

  • Dexter – Not so much scary as creepy, the fan favorite show is available on Netflix with 8 seasons of gore to satisfy your creepy cravings, even if you’re not much into the horror genre.
  • Criminal Minds – Whenever I watch this show I side eye everyone around me for months. This show is as creepy as real-life gets, also available on Netflix.
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – A Netflix remake of the old Sabrina show, this one is gooood. A fun watch for the season.
  • Supernatural – Friends have recommended this one for years. I’m finally taking the plunge this season, also available on Netflix.
  • American Horror Story – This one is self-explanatory. I recommended Coven or Hotel the most, but any season will rock your creepy world.
  • Child’s Play – A classic for a reason, Chucky is your dream doll turned nightmare. Want to play?
  • Amityville Horror – Really any horror flick based on a true story is truly scary when you think about it.
  • Saw – The full movie series is great and properly scary.
  • The Purge – I loooove the Purge movie series and the TV series. You should add it to your list, especially since it’s an election year, it could be extra freaky.

Try a little divination.

Why not? It’s fun and lore has it this is the best year for seeing the truth of things, as the veil is thin between the spirit world and the land of the living. Hence, the reason we celebrate Halloween and people dress up in costumes.

Here’s an easy way to get in on the fun. Sit with yourself in a quiet, candlelit space. Light some incense if that helps you get your mind in the zone, and meditate for a time. Don’t try to force thoughts out of your head. Instead, when one pops in, consider it for a moment then gradually quiet it until your mind is clear again. Focus on your breathing, concentrating on the breath coming in and out of your body. Imagine it swirling around inside you, then leaving, and repeat.

After a short time you should be feeling meditative. Ask for some guidance – from whatever you believe in. Then quiet your mind again. If you’ve got something like tarot cards or runes, pull one and see what the message is. If not, not to worry. Did a thought pop into your head out of nowhere or you suddenly get an urge that wasn’t there before? Focus on that and see where it takes you.


Honor your ancestors.

I like to honor my ancestors who have passed during this time of year. I work to honor my parents throughout the year, but during this time I include grandparents and others like my godmother. Sometimes it’s just lighting a black candle and saying a prayer for them. Other times it’s acknowledging the role they played in my life while meditating, focusing on each one and thanking them, then saying a prayer for them.

Other people I know set out a place setting for their loved ones who have passed, symbolizing that they’re still welcome at the table. Others make or buy their loved one’s favorite treat and place it next to a candle, while praying. There are so many ways to honor your loved ones, and there’s no right or wrong way. I always feel very settled and at peace after this, and it’s something I look forward to every year.

Indulge in those Halloween sweets

Tis the time for pumpkin everything. Or apple, if that’s your thing. Or just plain old chocolate bars if that’s your flavor. But whatever your favorite sweet is, enjoy it this month! We’ve been through a LOT this year and what’s more rewarding than a sweet treat? Plus, calories don’t count in October.

Make your home a welcoming fall environment

Baking comes naturally to many of us this time of year. The weather is cooling down and it’s time for homemade meals and treats. The smells permeating from the kitchen add to the delight of the season for me. If I’m not in the kitchen, though, I love burning apple- or pumpkin-scented candles in my home to create the fall feels inside. A homemade potpourri made with orange slices, clove, cinnamon sticks and apple on the stove can add a welcoming touch, and fall or Halloween-themed decorations round out the ambiance.

Taking time to create your space intentionally makes a world of difference in your mood and overall sense of well-being. Things don’t just happen, you have to make them happen.

Take advantage of fall events in your area

Many cities are hosting safe, drive-thru Halloween events this year. From Los Angeles to New York, event producers have created drive-thru haunted houses, drive-thru Halloween light displays, and many pumpkin patches are open with social distancing guidelines in place. Corn mazes, apple cider mills, and family farms, too, provide safe opportunities to play this fall. Even a long drive admiring the changing fall leaves and landscape is a fun way to celebrate. Be sure to check the venue or event website before going to find out the latest COVID-19 guidelines and safety measures. But have fun and enjoy the beautiful crisp weather!

I hope you have a beautiful, scary, creepy fall. I’d love to see your photos of all the fall-ness happening around you. If you post on social, tag us @conjurepublishing or use the hashtags #conjurepublishing or #conjurereader.

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