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Ode to Weight Watchers

Since April, my husband and I have used the Weight Watchers app to track our food intake. I’d used it in 2019 for a couple months and loved it, and wanted to re-join at the beginning of the pandemic. Because we were at the house more, we wanted to take control of our eating habits so we didn’t fall into the trap of eating mindlessly throughout our days. Plus, we both had weight to lose.

If you’re looking for a little help tracking your food, losing weight, or regaining control over what you put in your mouth, I highly recommend the Weight Watchers app. They officially go by WW now, but I think most people know the company as Weight Watchers, so that’s what I’m calling it. Anyway, they offer three different points plans based on your eating style, and each is meant to help you lose weight or maintain your weight without feeling stymied by a too-strict diet.

Weight Watchers is a god-send.

We’ve both lost weight without feeling any pressure – we’ve eaten a mix of healthy, clean food and indulgent choices like donuts and celebration meals without hesitation. Weight Watchers is pretty easy to follow, and you can cook, order takeout or buy pre-made meals from the grocery store – whatever your style is, it fits. You don’t have to spend hours meal prepping. A little pre-planning and pre-tracking does help – and especially for those days when you want to indulge, just track ahead and you know how much you have for the rest of your day.

The app is loaded with helpful tips, point equivalents for all foods, including many restaurant items, and even free meditations, recipes, and workouts. There’s a social media aspect too for those looking for more accountability, and an online coaching service that comes with your monthly payment. While I personally feel the app is enough, they do still offer meetings for people looking for more connection. I see value in the meetings, but at this time we’ve seen success without, so we’re sticking to app only.

I know this sounds like an ad for the Weight Watchers app, but if you’ve been considering shedding a few pounds or taking better control of your health, consider this your sign. I’m so happy that we made the decision to get healthy together back in April. And it’s a decision I know you’ll never regret either.

To sign up for the Weight Watchers app and get your healthy journey started or re-started, click here. You’ll get a free month with this link. If you sign up, let me know so we can connect on the app!

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