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POPSUGAR Fitness Home Workouts for Everyone

I started doing POPSUGAR’s home workouts via YouTube in late 2018 when I was laid-off from work, and they’re great. They offer a mix of dance, kickboxing, and everything in between and are a great way to get in cardio and strength training from home. If you’re looking for something to mix-up your routine, or to start a routine, below are a few of their workouts. I hope you give one a go.

For complete beginners, there’s a large array of videos, including how to do a proper squat, 15-minute cardio workouts, three moves for your best abs, and much more. Here’s one to try in that category, Beginner Low-Impact Cardio:

For dancers and martial artists out there, I love their dance or martial arts-themed workouts, and feel they have a large enough selection to really find what you’re looking for in either genre. I enjoy doing this Latin dance workout at home:

The POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube Channel also has targeted workouts including those for abs, butt, yoga, barre, you name it. For a quick, 10-minute butt lift workout, try this one. (I’m doing this one from now on)

Finally, for those of you looking for a calorie-torcher, try Burn 600 Calories in 60 Minutes:

I love this YouTube channel and their Instagram, which is filled with all sorts of recipes, inspiration, and of course, workouts. Let me know if you try one or already use their videos!

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