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Ways to de-stress when the world has got you down

I’m sure you’re stressed this week. Whatever it is specifically, we’re all feeling it. For some it’s work stress because of a focus on coronavirus preventive measures. For others, you may not have a job anymore as many companies are laying off workers in the wake of events being cancelled or postponed. For many of us, it’s a fear of getting sick, lack of resources, or general stress obtaining those resources because of depleted stocks in stores. For all those stressors, we need to find balance, things that help us let loose a little when the world has got us down. Otherwise we’ll all feel hyper tense and get sick from that.

Here are my ways to de-stress when the world has got you down:

Exercise – Whether it’s hard or light, do whatever feels good. I promise this will help.

Prioritize – Like, for real. What’s the most important thing to you right now? Do that, then when that’s finished, move on to the next. Clearing the clutter will help you feel more in control.

Talk to your friends and family – Chat with those you love and hold dear. Find common ground this week, we’re all in this together. Plus, these are your people and you’ll probably share a laugh or two, which is the greatest de-stressor of all.

Treat yo’ self – Buy yourself something nice. After all, if the purge starts gaining steam, it might be nice to have something you love to look at if you have to be quarantine. Maybe a nice face mask? An at-home spa could feel good.

Remember, this too shall pass – All things have their season. Even though it may feel as if this will last forever, it won’t. We will get through this.

Meditate – Five minutes can do the trick, 20 minutes is better. I open my chakras when I meditate or imagine my breathe circulating throughout my body. Do what works for you.

Yoga with Adriene – I mentioned this as a free thing to do this March, and for good reason. Adriene’s the best and will help you melt your cares away while you’re on your mat.

Escape into a good book – Just let yourself melt away into a tome. Need ideas? Lisa Valentine and I suggested four books to read. Otherwise, peruse Goodreads or your online public library. The world is your oyster.

Practice your hobby – Everyone has one, even if you’re not active. What brings you joy? That’s your hobby. Do it.

Take a long shower or bath – Let that hot water linger while you wash your cares away. Get some nice soap and indulge.

2 thoughts on “Ways to de-stress when the world has got you down”

  1. great ideas Laura. give me a good book or a puzzle. those are my comfort zones. Oh and a great cup of something hot like maybe peppermint hot chocolate.

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