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Instagram Accounts Worth Checking Out

I enjoy Instagram a lot, and love finding new accounts that speak to me. During this quarantine, there have been a few standouts. Here they are:

@thelesliejordan – Leslie Jordan is too much in his Instagram. You’ll enjoy his short video clips.

@Dnice – D-Nice has been hosting Club Quarantine throughout the madness and is truly bringing people together. Give him a follow and listen in as he spins from his home and provides the soundtrack to your new normal.

@popsugarfitness – The fitness account posts new dance workouts and ideas for letting loose regularly, as well as inspiring memes and recipes to try.

@davestruestories – This account only has four posts, but they’re worth reading in their entirety. Dave Grohl shared a few true stories here that’ll occupy your time.

@disneyparksblog – This Disney account is heaven-sent. They’ve been sharing recipes for Disney park classics such as the Churro and other treats. It’ll make you smile if nothing else.

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