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Kaylie Foster’s Back With a Vengeance (Not that she ever left)

Don’t underestimate Kaylie Foster.

With a new single out May 8 and steady requests from EDM producers, Foster is keeping busy as she begins her 28th year. Thankfully an unwelcome medical diagnosis didn’t keep her from doing what she loves.

In early 2019, Foster was in the midst of getting ready for an upcoming headlining concert at Vinyl inside the now-closed Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. But unwelcome visitors – vocal chord nodes – showed up and demanded entry into her world. Although common among vocalists, the diagnosis wasn’t what any artist wants to hear when getting ready for their biggest show to-date. Foster was put on vocal rest for a month and couldn’t talk or sing for the entire month of April, and instead lip-synced through band and choreography rehearsals to save her voice.

The singer noticed what was happening in March 2019 and visited her doctor and was treated promptly, probably saving her June 2019 concert date. But her new song, “In My Head” was affected by the diagnosis.

“I’ve had this written for about a year and a half,” Foster said of the tune.

With her vocal issues last year, Foster’s recording process was pushed back, which may have ended up being a blessing in disguise. The extra time enabled her and friend Alec Zeilon to explore the song creatively and visit places musically that were a challenge for Foster.

“I’m really excited about this one,” she said. “What I love about working with Alec is that he definitely works in the space as a producer without ego. He helped me get that song to the best version of it that it could be. He’s able to elevate what I have as a skeleton of a song. He gets it. This one is very musical and still pop. The integrity of the music is there, but it’s still pop. That’s my goal – to bridge those ideas together.”

Foster said Zeilon pushed her creatively to think outside the box on the new single.

“He introduced this bass line that completely changed the song in such a good way. It was a huge creative risk, but I think it’s great,” she added.

The newly 28-year-old’s single, “In My Head,” releases May 8 via all the usual platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud.

In addition to her new single, Foster recently was featured on EDM duo Caslow’s single “Waiting” that was released in April and on “Walls Up” with the duo, which came out in October 2019. Also be on the lookout for more featured appearances from Kaylie coming soon.

“I’ve been working with a lot of EDM producers after working with Caslow. I’m excited. I have two songs coming out with producers soon. It’s kind of crazy,” she said. “That’s been a lot of fun.”

She also has her an EP coming out soon, so stay tuned for more. And if that’s not enough, she’s constantly working on music video concepts, enhanced production ideas for future shows, acoustic performance ideas, marketing and other business ventures.

“It keeps me busy,” she said with a shrug.

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Editor’s Note: Kaylie Foster is Laura Foster’s sister-in-law. However, you shouldn’t let that dissuade you from listening to her because she’s amazing.

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