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Be Like Joy – Do the Unexpected

Here’s a challenge: Surprise someone this week. I’ll be doing this, and I want to see what you do too! My mom, Joy, frequently did random acts of kindness for others, just because it felt right to her. It was built into her DNA to be that way, and honestly, I wish I was more like that.

That’s part of who she was – just doing random things for others because she thought of it and because it was nice or the right thing to do. One story sticks out in my mind: A co-worker of my then-boyfriend had a son who broke his arm. My mom and I were at the bar where they worked, having a drink and talking to the woman, Andrea. Well, Andrea tells my mom about her poor son who just got his cast off and was having trouble with his arm.

The next day, my mom brought this stress ball into the bar when Andrea was working to give to her son to help him rehabilitate his hurt arm. Andrea was so touched, and it was something seemingly so simple, but it made a difference. There are tons of stories like that involving my mom. But that one sticks out to me. Did I mention that the bar Andrea worked at was 45 minutes from my mom’s house?

This is, in part why I started Conjure – to help others. Yes, I tell my stories on here, but that’s my way of offering advice or help. Have you participated in a giveaway or contest? Those are other ways I like to have fun and give little things back to my readers. But a large part of why I started Conjure was to help inspire or ask others to help each other and their community, like my mom did. I can’t tell you how many charity walks I participated in with her, or how often I heard stories of her helping others, or how many times I witnessed it happen.

This week, in honor of Ms. Joy Carroll, would you be willing to do something kind for someone else with no expectations of anything in return? If you are, I’d love to hear about your good works! Please comment below and let me know. Send in pictures too! I will be doing little acts of kindness all week in her honor. I can’t think of a better way to honor the woman who showed me what it meant to be kind to others.


2 thoughts on “Be Like Joy – Do the Unexpected”

  1. Laura I was finally able to read your stories about your mom this week. I loved her so much. She made me feel like I belonged when the girls started school at Our Lady. A place I wasn’t sure I’d fit in. After Kenny died she called me and we promised to keep in touch. We didn’t but we both meant to. I miss her. I’m glad she’s in heaven to greet Ro. I’m sure they’re talking about us all. Love you. Michele 💓

    1. I love you too. And I’m sure they are talking about us all, having fun together.

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