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Just Drink the Damn Wine

There are a few concepts that I aim to live my life by, and this is one of them: Don’t save things for a special occasion. The special occasion is now. This is something I really truly believe, because from one day to the next, we don’t know what’s going to happen. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, and we don’t know if our life will look the same in a week.

So, don’t save things for a special occasion. This is the special occasion.

Drink that special bottle of wine, write that song, make that purchase, take that leap. I’m not suggesting going broke or being reckless, I’m saying that if there’s something you truly want to do, do it. You don’t have to wait for permission and you don’t have to wait for an invitation, if you’re an adult.

If your life were to end tomorrow, would you be happy with your experiences and how you treated people? If not, make a list and change. If so, awesome.

If you come to my house, you won’t see “special” bottles of wine lying around. You’ll never hear me say “we should go to that place when…” you know why? I drink the wine and I make the plan.

When I was in my early twenties, my mom always saved things for special occasions. She had these bottles of wine she’d bought on a trip to Portland that she was saving to drink for a special occasion. She wasn’t wrong, many people do it. But she was killed by a drunk driver when I was 25 and it changed my perspective forever.

When she died, I hated that wine because she never got to drink it. She could have, she just was saving it. So, you know what? I drank it after she died and toasted her with friends and family. And I enjoyed every last damn sip for her. And now, I buy that damn brand of wine whenever I get a chance, in her memory, just to toast her some more. But you know what I don’t do? Save things for special occasions.

This COVID-19 outbreak has me thinking about this very simple concept that has ruled much of my life since my mom died: Life is too damn short.

Drinking the wine is a simplified example. I also mean that you should leave abusive relationships, situations that make you unhappy, work situations that aren’t fulfilling, general things in life where you’re able to make a decision and act on it. If you aren’t privileged to have options or leave situations? Try to find a way. Where there’s a will, there’s often a way if we seek help or plan. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to make a change.

It might take a long time, but planning and preparation will set you free in the end. If it seems like I’m ranting, I probably am. This one single concept is one I feel most strongly about. You have the power to change and make your situation better.

And drink the damn wine. Take the trip. Make plans, by all means, then execute them. Don’t find out you’re dying and have regrets or live your last moments unhappy. Remember, the choices we make dictate the life we lead.

2 thoughts on “Just Drink the Damn Wine”

  1. Laura….I love this concept because I will share with you my lifelong mantra that I have said thousands of times: Live each day like it is your last, because someday you will be right!

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