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Celebrating Libra Season With All the Sun Signs

Until October 22, the Sun is making its way through Libra, the sign of balance. To celebrate our Libra friends everywhere, here’s a roundup of recent articles on what Libra season can mean in 2020 for your sign.

From Oprah Magazine and astrologer Chani Nicholas, an overview of Libra season 2020. Spoiler alert: now is the time to pay attention to details and take your time to make sure mistakes don’t happen. Read all about it here.

In this Women’s Health Magazine article, the stars suggest that this month may screw with your love life, but it also may be possible to find your perfect work-life balance this month, because Libra is all about balance. That’s something to celebrate! Read more of the article for specifics on what this month may bring.

And finally, Bustle’s Libra season story signals that we’ll lean toward relationships this month while embracing fresh starts all around. A refreshing take, I think. Click here for the full article.

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