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Fall Activities to Celebrate the Season

There’s nothing like the feeling of fall, is there? When the air starts to shift just a bit from the summer heat to a milder temperature – it’s just magical. The air changes slightly and I instantly feel renewed. Summer is gone and my attitude shifts to a state of gratitude for the cooler air and fresh fall vibes.

It happens every year, ever since I can remember. In late August, my body starts to tingle and the excitement of the coming fall grows inside me. Although summer is still here for another month, I can feel fall calling. By fall equinox, that excitement grows into a fever pitch and my mind starts working and scheming, making plans for baking, projects, and adventures to be had. These are the activities on my mind to celebrate the fall season:

Orchard picking – We have an apple orchard in Las Vegas called Gilcrease Orchard that I’ve been frequenting for years, and I’m sure there are similar places where you live. It’s a fun fall activity that requires you to get a little dirty and celebrate the season. This one’s a favorite for a reason: pumpkin picking, apple cider donuts and getting outside in the brisk air screams fall.

Hiking – To me, fall means taking a hike. Whether that’s a one-mile stroll surrounded by nature or something more strenuous, hiking will place you in the midst of beautiful scenery surrounded by the fresh fall air. Bring along a few of those apple cider or pumpkin treats for an after-hike indulgence, and you can’t beat this one on a brisk fall day.

Make chili, cornbread, and other robust meals – When I think of fall, I think of Oktoberfest, chili, soups, and heartier meals. As the weather shifts, my husband requests we visit our favorite local ramen spot, and I pull out recipes for chili, hearty soups, potato pancakes, and other fall favorites. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy a meal with family or socially distanced with friends. You could even host a virtual dinner party where everyone makes their favorite fall dish and shares the recipe with attendees.

Football or other fall TV – Fall TV is the best TV. Shows are back, new episodes are loaded on Hulu and Netflix, football is on, and there are so many options. With the current state of things, there’s no better time than to indulge and watch your favorite show or get into the game. Pair a marathon with one of the hearty fall meals, and you’ll have a fun fall day that just falls into place.

Connect with family over a good scare – I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention something Halloween-esque here. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year for a good reason. It’s a chance to celebrate the dead and reach out to ancestors who passed, but it’s also just a fun time to snuggle up on the couch and watch horror films, eat fall food, and settle into the colder days. Have you watched the Saw TV show that came out a while ago? If you haven’t, I highly recommend. But there are tons of good horror flicks and TV shows to watch – American Horror Story is among my favorites. Some cities are also doing drive-through Halloween events this year, and many seem fun and safe. Doing a quick Google search of your town or metro area should give you a good idea of Halloween happenings this year.

Have a wonderful start to your fall season, and if you do anything fun, please share! We’d love to hear what you’re doing so we can take full advantage of our favorite season.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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