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Weight Watchers Tips to Be Successful

I’m not a Weight Watchers, or WW, expert. I’m just a girl standing in front of her readers with a few tips that might help. And, if you’re not following the Weight Watchers tracking program but are looking to watch your weight in general, I’m fairly certain these tips will help you too. One more caveat is that this list is by no means extensive, but it should help if you’re just starting out or if you’re in need of a swift kick in the butt to keep going.

Weight Watchers Tips to Be Successful:

Use the app. I can’t say enough about the Weight Watchers app. It’s awesome. If you’re feeling stuck or in need of inspiration, open the app. There’s a social media aspect where you can connect with other members. There’s live coaching available 24/7, and there are great articles to help you keep going. There are great workouts available, from barre to boxing. There are also guided meditations, yummy recipes, and even a direct link to the WW store if you’re looking for easy, waist-friendly items to have on hand.

Go to a meeting, whether it be in-person or virtual. I really think meetings help. I’ve done the program with going to meetings and just on virtual and to be honest, going to meetings really, really helps. If you’re super focused and can stick to the program without meetings, go for it. But I personally see WAY more success when I attend the meetings and am connecting with others who are on similar journeys.

Think outside the box with your food. To eat healthy and get your nutrients, think outside the box a little. I enjoy eggs, and if I’m out of points I’ll eat them for dinner in a veggie-packed scramble, no problem. A Weight Watchers coach I had eats tuna for breakfast every morning because he likes it, it’s easy to prepare, and it gives him the protein he needs to start his day. Snacks can be more substantial, small meals. Once you think outside the box, your options are endless to fulfill your body’s nutritional needs and stay within a healthy caloric level while enjoying yourself. Breakfast doesn’t have to be just breakfast, and dinner doesn’t have to be just dinner.

Stock up on healthy frozen meals. This one pairs nicely with the above tip, and I learned it in a meeting. If you always have a few points-friendly frozen meals on hand, you never have an excuse. Some meals come in at about 3-4 points, such as a beef merlot with steamed vegetables. Use that as a snack. It’s WAY more substantial than traditional snacks, and you’ll feel full longer. It’s healthy and you’ll have fuel. Or use it as a quick dinner when you’re low on points at the end of the day.

Pre-track your food when possible. I think this one helps you find the most freedom. I love almond croissants. I know they’re not good for me, but I love them. When I want something like that, I plan for it. By pre-tracking my food in the planner and having a good idea of what I’m eating for the day when I wake up in the morning, there’s not much left to chance. Knowing what you’re having to eat is half the battle for most of us. So I try to plan those treats and have found they can easily fit in when I pre-track.

Eat an indulgent meal periodically. Weight Watchers is a lifestyle, not a diet. Use it that way. Don’t expect to be perfect, nobody is. But do expect to make real changes to your eating habits and fill your plate with lots of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. There’s room for an indulgence here and there, and I personally think it’s healthy to have something you love, both mentally and physically.

There will be hard days. There are days when you’re just not mentally into it or you give into temptation too many times. That’s okay. Just don’t let those days outnumber the days you rock it. Remember, this is a lifestyle. You’re going to have good and bad days.

Just keep going. As long as you wake up every morning and try again, you’re already winning. Progress, not perfection, right? Consistency here is key. It’s not a race. So you ate a California burrito for dinner three nights in a row? Eat a healthy breakfast and start over in the morning. Just keep going, don’t ever quit on yourself for good.

Track everything. I realize this one is easier said than done for many of us. But honestly, who cares if you go negative as you’re getting the hang of the program? Once you start tracking everything, your world will transform as you start to pay more and more attention to what you’re putting in your mouth. You’ll also learn what points are what and may even be surprised at how free you feel when you eat something seemingly indulgent that fits nicely into your plan.

Stock up on your go-to foods. Once you know what you like and what foods you enjoy on your new lifestyle, make sure you have them in your house consistently. My husband and I almost always have Oikos yogurt, cheese, hummus, apples, oranges, bananas, eggs, English muffins, oatmeal, tuna and chicken breast in the kitchen. I vary our dinners almost every night so I make a list of meals I hope to make throughout the week and we grocery shop accordingly. Having easy, grab and go food in your fridge will help curb your hunger the right way and get you on track to success.

I wish you all the best on your journey and if you have Weight Watchers tips of your own to share, I’d love to hear them.

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