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The Conjure Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and for those who still have a few gifts to purchase, Conjure has a few ideas to help you finish that list. Or, if you’re looking for a nice gift for yourself as a treat for finishing your gift list early, the below items might just do the trick. Without further ado, here is the 2020 Conjure Publishing holiday gift guide:

Books by Nevada authors

Poetic Justice – Lessons of love, life & relationships by Tami Belt

These pages hold a lifetime of lessons learned about love, life and relationships. Poetic Justice is not a typical book designed for reading from beginning to end but as individual pages that beckon your soul at a particular moment in time. The book is available at Balboa Press here, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, among other sellers.

A new release from author Matthew O’Brien, Dark Days, Bright Nights: Surviving the Las Vegas Storm Drains is described as “a vivid and enlightening oral account of homelessness in the Las Vegas storm drains and the hard work of re-entering mainstream society. … These stories are the happy (though not Hollywood) ending to the infamous tunnel tale.” The new release is available where books are sold, or on Amazon here.

Self-care essentials

Ghana Glow, billed as the essential lotion for lustrous healthy skin, is composed of 100 percent organic ingredients, each with a specific benefit to give your skin what it needs to flourish and of course, glow. Shayla, the brand’s founder, has gorgeous skin, which makes you wonder if you could achieve the same desirable results with her special body butter blend. To order, visit Cost is $29 per container.

Luxury hair care gift basket from hairstylist Trista Stevenson

Hairstylist extraordinaire Trista Stevenson is offering the not so secret, secret Santa package this holiday season. You have a choice of small or large, and price includes shipping. The small box costs $55 and includes everything to do a luxurious conditioning treatment at home: one full-size hair mask, 3 Goldwell conditioning serum shots, one add-on of your choice and one freebie. She’s also including a bag of processing caps and clips for the treatment, and a cute self-care scratch card.

Trista’s large not so secret, secret Santa box comes with three, full-size products: shampoo, conditioner, and a styling product, with one add-on of your choice and a small Hempz lotion, a self-care scratch card and two surprise freebies from Trista. Cost is $90. If you upgrade to VIP for $25 more, you’ll receive a personalized bonus.

If you’re interested, answer the questionnaire on the form here, and Trista will create the gift box and ship it out for you! She also offers gift cards if you’re interested in that.

My favorite body butter and bath bombs come from a one-man operation based in Monterey, Calif. Soap Confections is located on Cannery Row, and serves up yummy smelling bath goodies online or in person if you happen to be lucky enough to live near Monterey. For the rest of us, just visit to start your skin softening journey. My personal favorite scent is the cherry almond body butter and the black raspberry vanilla bath bombs are heavenly. Did I meantion the bath bombs are only $4 each? The body butter retails for $11 a tub, and it lasts a long time.

Another favorite in the skincare lineup comes from the company Oregon Rain Soap. If you’ve ever been to the Made in Oregon store at PDX, you may have seen this lotion line. They’re priced fairly and have a huge array of delicious scents. My husband and I have tried tons of the different scents and we haven’t found one that we don’t like. I have a few of these headed my way for stocking stuffers, and I keep these stocked at our house year-round. Prices for the lotion range from $4-$16, depending on the size you choose. Check them out here: They’re also offering hand sanitizer now, because that’s the world we live in.

If you’re short on cash, you can always recommend a free subscription to Conjure! Just submit your email address via the sign-up form on the sidebar or main page, and you or your friend will receive a Conjure email newsletter whenever a new issue is published, linking to all the new stories and giving you subscriber-exclusive tidbits and tricks.

Happy Holidays!

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