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20 Staycation Ideas That Might Make You Plan One Tonight

I’ve been lauding the staycation for a while now, but throughout the past year I’ve grown to really love and appreciate the stay-at-home vacation. In fact, we’re doing a half-staycation half-road trip for our second wedding anniversary soon because it will save money and still be plenty of fun. It was hubby’s idea, and I think it’s genius.

When I think of the staycation, I think of three possible scenarios:

  1. Staying home and vegging out – watching movies, staying in pajamas, and ordering food delivery the whole time like room service
  2. Staying at home while experiencing what your city/town/area has to offer – this is probably my favorite version
  3. Staying at a local hotel while doing some combination of the above

What’s your favorite staycation style? I love to plan days where I can do or see things in my city that I love and haven’t seen in a while or that I haven’t yet experienced that I’m excited about. I start by thinking about what I like to do while I’m on vacation, then plan accordingly with places to see and things to do in my own city.

Your staycation activities (or lack thereof) can be as big or little as you want them – that’s the beauty of the staycation. This is also how you fit your plans into your budget – staying at home can allow you to spend as much or as little money as you want – you’re only limited by your imagination and how you want to spend your time. There is one to-do item I like to make sure I cross off my list before diving into a staycation. Make sure your home, if you’re staying there, is cleaned up so you can enjoy it once your staycation officially starts. Now let’s get into the actual staycation ideas so you can get planning.

20 Staycation Ideas That Might Make You Plan One Tonight

  1. Have breakfast delivered. This feels like such an indulgence but it’s a relatively inexpensive way to treat yourself. If your local breakfast place offers delivery, great. Otherwise, use GrubHub or another service, schedule your order the night before, and it will arrive at the designated time on your doorstep. You can enjoy a freshly made breakfast with all the fixings while still in your jammies, safe and snuggly at home.
  2. Beach bum? Grab your favorite beach food and drinks, and set yourself up outside at a neighborhood park or your backyard. Have a beach-themed picnic, read a book while lounging outside, and play frisbee or other beachy games. Watch beach-themed movies or TV. If the weather’s too cold to be outside, have your picnic inside, while sitting on a beach blanket on the floor. If you live near a beach, go visit!
  3. What’s your hobby? How long has it been since you indulged that hobby? A staycation can be a perfect time to visit your favorite stores related to said hobby and then indulge in playing with your new purchase and creating something while you have the time.
  4. Visit a museum in your area. How long has it been since you explored one of your local museums? It might surprise you with how much you enjoy the experience, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve been. 
  5. Find new restaurants to try. There are SO many restaurants in Las Vegas, I could never try them all. A staycation is the perfect time to make a short list of a few fun places. Part of the fun is going out of your neighborhood, so explore a little and try a new cuisine!
  6. Get a tattoo. Have something you’ve been wanting to get? There’s no time like a staycation for a little ink.
  7. Explore a new park or garden. I love exploring new areas (to me) around my city. I enjoy walking and hiking a ton, and I like having a rotation of places I can walk around. Sometimes I just enjoy visiting a trail or park I’ve never been to or that I don’t frequent very often that’s out of my neighborhood.
  8. Visit art galleries. Do you have art galleries where you live? Many places do, even if it’s in a mall, a library, or government building. It’s fun to look at art and see what people are out there creating. Many galleries are free to peruse too.
  9. Take advantage of your local library. Libraries can provide a wealth of entertainment or resources at zero cost to you. Plan ahead and check out books, magazines, or DVDs for your staycation and you won’t have to pay a dime for entertainment. Or, go to a library during your staycation and spend an afternoon wandering among the book stacks, reading and enjoying the quiet, peaceful environment.
  10. Wilderness lover? Visit a nature preserve or mountain range near you and have a day outside exploring. Bring food, water, and supplies, and plan to spend the day there enjoying the great outdoors. Brian from OutsideHow has a great article about how to find hiking trails that can help get you started.
  11. For the sports fan, do you have a sports team where you live? If so, take a stadium tour or visit the team shop. Have a meal at a restaurant or bar that supports your team. Or, if you’re not in an area with a team, how about grabbing a ball and taking to the field yourself? It’s fun to get out there and play.
  12. Visit a rural town adjacent to where you live. Or, visit a nearby city if you’re in a more rural area. If it’s an easy day trip, it can make for a fun day exploring. I like to visit the towns nearby Las Vegas for a day away. I always feel like I went somewhere, but in reality, I didn’t have to put much effort or money in to make it happen and have an enjoyable time.
  13. Get coffee from a new café. This one is so simple, but getting a coffee, tea, or other drink from a place new to you can help mix things up. And you never know, you may find your new favorite treat.
  14. Explore a new activity. Take a knitting class or watch a free YouTube tutorial. Try a cooking class or watch a cooking show and make a new dish. The ideas for this item are only limited by your interests and willingness to try something new.
  15. Binge watch your favorite movies from the past. Make a list of movies you love but haven’t seen in a while, then make a plan on how to watch them. If you plan in advance, your local library may have the DVDs for rent, free of charge.
  16. Get a psychic reading. Get out of your comfort zone and book yourself a reading for your staycation.
  17. Treat yourself to a massage or other beauty treatment. At-home spa days can be great, too. Or go crazy and do a full day of beauty – hair, skin, and nails. At home or in a salon or spa, this one can be rejuvenating and as inexpensive or expensive as you like.
  18. Visit different ethnic stores in your area for a multicultural experience. International markets, Hispanic supermarkets, European stores, and other shops offer items not easily found in mass supermarkets. They can be sources of hidden jewels and are fun to explore if you have the time.
  19. Dive into meditation to find your Zen. Meditating can be so healing and a wonderful addition to your life if you don’t already practice. If you do, try a new technique to mix things up.
  20. Find new music to listen to and dance your cares away. This past year has been hard on all of us, for one reason or another. Or 100. So, throw on your favorite music, or find some new music, and dance like nobody’s watching.

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