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Shutting Down the Noise

There is a LOT of news out there in the world right now. Here’s a revolutionary idea: shut it down.

I’m not suggesting sticking your head in the sand, but I am suggesting digesting the news in smaller bits. You’re not good to anyone overwhelmed and depleted. Here’s what I mean: my husband and I have gone Facebook light – we only get on occasionally and when we do it’s fairly quick. But we do read the news daily and watch the nightly news.

What shutting down the noise has done for me:

Focus, primarily.

I focus harder and longer on tasks because I don’t have a nervous tick that makes me want to check my phone’s social media apps. And I’ve been more productive with my thoughts and feelings. I had time to research larger issues and vote in my local election earlier this month. I also researched a few books I wanted to read – fun and educational – and have been celebrating my husband’s birthday, among other great things this month.

It’s okay not to consume everything out there. In fact, I’d encourage it.

It’s funny. I follow tons of workout accounts on Instagram and have used them as inspiration and a source of information, but somehow after a while, I think the noise became too loud. It’s the same with political accounts, motivational accounts, and others we all follow. In my case, I definitely had too much of a good thing thrown in my face.

So, because of that, I’m continuing my light social media break.

I’d also like to thin out my already-thin personal Facebook page and create a place where I can readily see photos and posts of those I want to see to make it a place for my actual friends and family. For Instagram, I need to unfollow most if not all of the fitness accounts I follow. It’s just too much pressure and I’m actually doing way better with exercising and eating right without having all the noise in the back of my head.

I’ll let you know if I have any other revelations about shutting down the noise this month. I still have lots to go, including shutting down the noise of having extra stuff. More on my quest to minimize my things later.

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