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Three Months Later, Here are My Quarantine Takeaways

Or, The Kookiest Things I’ve Seen Since The Virus Infected Our Lives

All our lives have changed in the last three months, no doubt. And while I’m not making light of what’s happening in our world, I wanted to share the things that I’ve seen that have struck me as “damn, I never thought I’d see that” that have come about because of the virus.

For instance, Ross Dress For Less reopened in our community recently. I never, in a million years, would have thought I’d ever see a line to get in there. But lo and behold, people gotta get their dress for less on. Stores around the city had a line to get in, all day.

I also learned that the library is a damn machine. Our local branches in Las Vegas began offering curbside pickup offered with military precision. In fact, librarians could rule the world with the way they handled book pickup. I reserved a book online, then had to call to reserve a time to pick it up. At my appointed time I pulled into one of the “book pickup” parking spots and called the library again. Then, I had to open the back of my Jeep and get back into the car, windows up. A man donning full PPE came out, escorted by an armed security guard, and placed the book in the back of my car. I waited until he was safely out of harm’s way until I retrieved my book and journeyed on.

The library has since resumed its inside book pickup, but the process is still thoroughly organized. Color me impressed.

Also, we all know what PPE means now. Did you before 2020? I didn’t.

I’m also amazed that restaurants can offer alcohol to-go: if we can do it now, why haven’t we been doing it this whole time? I mean, a margarita to go sounds like a dream.

Takeout is actually better than before. It feels like such a treat to me and my husband to go pickup a special meal. We really look forward to it since we’ve been cooking so much.

In mid-May, my husband and I went to grab fast food while we were running a couple errands. We were blown away by the employees working with their masks half on. Excuse me, sir, I think that’s defeating the purpose. Especially when it’s the entire staff.

To the people hoarding toilet paper, I have one question – did you use it all? And are plumbers now the most in-demand profession?

I have to say, I love curbside grocery pickup. It’s the bees knees to me. Our family will continue using this service long after the virus, because it has saved us a great deal of time, energy and money. I mean, we haven’t convenience shopped in months and our pocketbooks are reaping the benefit!

What things have you seen during quarantine that struck you? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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