Celebrating Virgo Season With All the Sun Signs

It’s Virgo season!

From now until September 22, the Sun is making its way through Virgo, the best sign of all. (Don’t fight it, it’s true.) To celebrate that miraculous transit and all my fellow Virgos, here are a few resources on what Virgo season can mean for your sign, even if you’re not fortunate enough to be born a Virgo.

From Bustle, here’s an article on how Virgo will inspire you to get super focused and clean up your act. “This sign seeks perfection in all forms, so while it’s great for motivating us to purge our junk drawers or commit to a new exercise routine, don’t let Virgo’s critical eye get you overly focused on your flaws.”

And here’s an overview from Refinery 29 on how Virgo season will affect all of us in relation to what’s going on in our world. This read is a bit more general and planetary focused, but still fun to peruse nonetheless.

Finally, this one’s a fun read from Cosmopolitan that suggests Virgo season is here to help you get your life back on track. It describes Virgos as “no-nonsense about everything,” which I can’t really disagree with. And this one also breaks down the individual sun signs and gives a seasonal horoscope for each, which you know I love.

Happy reading! And happy birthday, my fellow Virgos!

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