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Five Things Giving Me Joy This Week

Each week that passes in 2020 is a little different. Some are just fine, while others are more emotionally charged. What I have noticed, regardless of the week, is that the little things bringing me joy end up mattering the most to my overall well-being. And while there’s plenty of work to do this year, please be sure to take time out to enjoy a few things as well.

For me, these five things gave me joy this past week. I hope they spur you on a bit too.

Lady Gaga’s VMA masks

Say what you want about masks in general. But Lady Gaga’s masked ensembles at the VMAs were everything. I could stare at those outfits all day, and have done so since I first saw them. I particularly love the mask with the extruding horns, but they’re all fire.

If you missed Lady Gaga’s VMA masks, here they are in all their wonderful glory.

A side note on masks – my friend Natalie and I were talking about how they’re a chance to go all out. I mean, how many times in our lifetime has it been acceptable to wear a face mask out in public? Well, it is now, and all our childhood ninja-spy dreams are coming true. Think of the positives and have fun with this – it’s not going anywhere for a while. And in the meantime, get you some crazy masks and enjoy the moment. In a few years there will be something else everyone’s mad about.

One more thing about masks: I personally love not having to wear makeup because my face is covered. And it’s a chance for those eyes to shine. Go all out with your eye makeup a la Gaga, and you can’t lose. Feeling all incognito with stunner eye makeup on is one way to make mask wearing a tad more fun.

Fashion and makeup, in general

When I was much younger, I thought makeup and costuming might be in my professional future because I loved both so much. It’s giving me life again as I rediscover my passion for both during this pandemic.

Looking at beautiful things, whether it be clothing, makeup or hairstyles, is fun. And getting inspired to make yourself feel better through all of the above can be life changing when you’re feeling down. I love looking at textiles, patterns, and colors. I find myself watching TV most days to see the clothing. Within the past couple weeks I recognized that I was becoming obsessed with fashion again, and I love it.

One show that I’ve been loving all the fashion on is Grown-ish. It’s a good show with cute hairstyles, great clothes, and relevant story lines. I highly recommend it, and it’s parent show, Black-ish. I promise the fashions on both shows deliver in every episode.

My friends, family and husband

I don’t know what I would do without my friends and family, especially during this time. It was my birthday this past week and connecting with loved ones felt essential. I always feel revitalized when I talk to those I love on the phone or see them in person. Connecting with those closest to you, will, I promise, give you the life boost you need.

When it comes to my husband, I’ll admit it, I’m lucky. I have a marriage I’m proud of, and a relationship with my husband that’s pretty wonderful most of the time. And when the going gets rough, we have each other’s backs. If you are lucky enough to have a partner like that in your life, hold on tight and never let them go. Feeling like I have someone in my court at all times makes life more joyful in general. We can celebrate the good times, and help each other through the bad.  

One caveat to this one, though, is that this time has also shown me who I DON’T need or want in my life. It really has highlighted those who don’t deserve my time and energy, and I’m good with that. Allowing the natural ebb and flow of life to help me sort things out with toxic relationships has been very healing.

Online window shopping

This week I’ve been doing a LOT of browsing, but not shopping, online. And it has been SO fun. I’m not a huge online browser, but this week it has been particularly satisfying for me to go online and window shop for the most random items. I’ve learned about new face creams, fancy artisan sodas, and what stores have the best Labor Day sales. If I do decide to hit “buy,” I’m ready. But in the meantime, I’m just enjoying the thrill of coveting a bunch of stuff I’m not intending to add to my world.

Scented candles

This one might sound weird, but hear me out. Burning scented candles at my home has helped boost my mood a lot the past few weeks. I regularly burn candles and incense, but lately I’ve really noticed a difference in my mood when I have a nice scent permeating as opposed to when I don’t. I think it’s because I’m at home so much now that the nicer I make my space feel and look, the better I feel overall. It’s kind of like when your house is messy then you clean and you feel great. Anyway, a little change of aroma in your space can do wonders if you’re feeling blah. Diffusers, candles, incense – whichever method you use will all work.

It really is the little things in life, right?

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