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Finding and Supporting Great Authors and Artists

Recently I learned that an author I thoroughly enjoy and respect, Terry Goodkind, died. The reason that I’m bringing this up here is that when I heard the news, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for him because he shared his writing with the world. I loved his Sword of Truth series, and if you’ve never read it, I do recommend. It’s billed as fantasy, but I think it’s a blend of genres and past interviews with Terry Goodkind confirm that theory.

Terry Goodkind, for me, represents an entire period of my life, from my early twenties to about when I turned 30. I’ve read his work since then, but he was such a huge factor in my world for a time, and I’ll always be grateful to him. A few of his books were turned into a TV show that I watched while it aired, too, and now I’m inspired to revisit his works that I loved so much and continue on into the Terry Goodkind universe.

When you find any author or artist whose work you enjoy, chances are that you’ll enjoy their other works. It’s important to support those whose work you enjoy so they can keep creating it, no matter how large or small. I’m writing this as a reminder to myself with the hope that I’ll inspire at least one of you to revisit an artist of some kind who you once enjoyed, even for a moment, to see what other works they have that might speak to you.

I practice this with authors all the time. If I like a book they wrote, I’ll continue to read their other books. It’s the same with music, bloggers, even social media accounts, right? We all do it. So, if you enjoy something, support it! Tell others you liked it, make a social media post, or just buy more of their work. Especially if it’s someone just starting out or in need of a boost – they’ll appreciate your support and you’ll appreciate that they’re creating more of what you love.

Let’s fill the world with more art and beauty, and in turn, consume more art and beauty, shall we?

For more information on Terry Goodkind and his book series, visit The site lists all his books, in order, and will set you on a journey that will keep you occupied for a LONG time.

Happy reading!

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