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The Best Oatmeal and Other Breakfast Ideas

I feel strongly about oatmeal. Well, this oatmeal in particular anyway. I love breakfast, but don’t want to invest a ton of work early in the morning in the process, so I’m always thinking of new, quick breakfast ideas to mix up my mornings.

Without fail, the Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats always do the trick. The quicker-cooking or longer-cooking styles both taste amazing, are super filling, and you can add anything you like into them to customize your breakfast. I like to add just one teaspoon of brown sugar and eat them as I sip my morning coffee. The flavor of these oats is so good you don’t need much to make them taste great. They’re 100% whole grain, so you stay full longer, and I find these take me through until I eat lunch, which is imperative for me because I often don’t have time to stop for a snack once I start my work day.

I have the longer-cooking oats right now, but I’ve had both in my pantry and they cook up the same for the most part, except for the time factor. I get them going and do my morning stretches while they’re cooking away, and it’s just about the perfect time exchange. It’s weird, but I love how these oats look when they’re cooked, and they truly taste amazing as-is. But you could mix a ton of options into them and customize breakfast how you like – pumpkin spice and pumpkin puree, diced apples and cinnamon, or chocolate chips and walnuts. At least those are the ideas I think sound great right now.

The other reason I like these oats so much and will never eat another type again, is that the package goes a long way, as one serving is a quarter cup. It works out to be an inexpensive breakfast option that really does the trick. I also have grown to enjoy the daily ritual of seeing the oats take shape on the stove, and it relaxes me before work. So, there you have it. The best oatmeal that I highly suggest you try if you haven’t.

Other Breakfast Ideas

If oatmeal isn’t your jam, and sometimes it’s not mine either, here are a few other great options I’ve recently enjoyed:

Peanut butter toast – Lightly toast your carb of choice and slather a tbsp of good peanut butter on top while it’s still warm. You can add sliced strawberries or banana, or leave as-is.

Scrambled eggs with green chiles and shredded cheddar cheese – This one is good with bacon or sausage in the scramble too.

Scrambled eggs with cream cheese, ham, and spinach – A classic for a reason, I love the salt from the ham and the creamy texture of the cheese together. Drizzle a light salsa or Sriracha on top if you enjoy that sort of thing.

Kodiak cakes – A family favorite option for pancakes that satisfy but don’t bust our guts. There are many options to choose from, and like other carbby options, you can add toppings as you choose. I like peanut butter on these babies.

English muffin or toast with cream cheese and a sliced hard-boiled egg – This was a favorite of mine a year ago when I’d take my breakfast to go and eat it at work. It’s easy to transport and tastes good while still filling you up.

English muffin or toast with avocado, Everything But the Bagel seasoning, and a fried egg – Do I need to explain this one?

I realize none of these options are earth-shattering ideas, but they are relatively quick, easy on the calories and pocketbook, and satisfying. Do you have breakfast ideas that you’re enjoying? Please share with us in the comments below!

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