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Rediscovering Your Passion

In this week’s subscriber email I mentioned working on my novel. It’s something I’m extremely passionate about, yet, in the past I didn’t devote as much time to it as I did other things in my life. Whenever I make a goal list, finishing that novel is at the top. But in practice, I didn’t set aside time to write. Instead, I used my time for other tasks.

When something is important to you, scheduling time for it in your life isn’t only important, it’s often necessary for your happiness. When you don’t, you may feel as if something is lacking or resentment may grow. Our passions fuel us and feed us. When we don’t give them enough attention, those parts of us aren’t nourished.

This past month, I made a concerted effort to reconnect with a few people I hadn’t seen or talked to in a long time. Reconnecting via Zoom, social distancing and a good ‘ole fashioned phone call did my soul more good than I ever could have imagined. But one recurring theme I heard from everyone who I connected with was that people are depressed. It got me thinking about my own mental health journey this year, and my efforts to combat those darker days.

I thought of all the activities, people and things I love. I remembered things from my past that once brought me joy that somehow, I let go by the wayside or hadn’t given enough attention to this past year. Then I made a list and started actually doing those things and reconnecting with those people.

One of the times I thought of that brought me joy was when I took yin yoga classes at the local community center with my friends in my twenties. It was a great, $3 class that taught me how much I love yin yoga. But since things are different this year, I looked on YouTube to find a class. You know what? I found a great channel, Yoga with Kassandra, and it fed my soul. Then I did the same with dance, which I hadn’t realized I missed so much until I took a YouTube class.

And that book I mentioned at the top of this story? I’ve been working on it all month, and I plan to continue working on it every week until it’s finally finished. The best part is, I can see the light at the end of that tunnel and it’s exciting. But I tell you all this to hopefully inspire some of you to rediscover your passions.

What made you tick as a kid or what did you enjoy doing in your teens and twenties? What passion have you let fall by the wayside while life went on or you watched Netflix? I love Netflix, but please do schedule some time with yourself for your passions. It will fill your soul and give you something that nothing else can. And if you do reconnect with a passion, let me know in the comments!

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